Sonoran Water Gardens - Largest Selection of Waterlilies in the Southwest USA!
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Sonoran Water Gardens is proud to offer you a selection of nearly a hundred different waterlilies to choose from in nearly every color and size imaginable! We offer many dwarf waterlilies that will have plenty of room in a whiskey barrel or bathtub size water garden, as well as large varieties that may bear leaves more than a foot in diameter and a leaf spread of 8 feet or more, with a multitude of choices somewhere in the middle. Our vast selection of waterlilies produce beautiful blooms of nearly every color - even green!

The quality of our waterlilies is unsurpassed. Our varieties were carefully chosen not only for their beauty, but also for how well they will grow and bloom for you.  And of course, all Sonoran Water Gardens plants are also guaranteed to be true to name and variety.  See the difference for yourself with the highest quality waterlilies & aquatic plants available anywhere!

HARDY WATERLILIES - Choose From Over 40 Varieties!
Luciana - Hardy Waterlily from Sonoran Water Gardens

Hardy waterlilies as their name implies are winter hardy plants, which are considered hardy down to USDA Zone 3.  Growing season is spring through fall.  Blooms begin shortly after the new leaves emerge in the spring and continue all summer long and well into autumn before the plants become dormant for the winter. Hardy waterlilies are available in white, yellow, pink, red as well as changeable. Choose from over 40 varieties!

TROPICAL WATERLILIES - Choose From Over 50 Varieties!
Bob Trickett -Tropical Waterlily from Sonoran Water Gardens

Tropical waterlilies are available in a wider spectrum of colors than any other cultivated flower - white, yellow, pink, blue, red, apricot, magenta, purple, and green!  Some exotic varieties only bloom at night. All tropical waterlilies are extremely fragrant and as a rule, the blooms are much larger than those of hardy types.  Tropical waterliles may bloom year round if conditions are satisfactory (USDA Zones 9b, 10, 11)  Choose from over 50 varieties!